Valencia Autumn Marble

Valencia Autumn Marble holds the harmonious color tonnes of autumn. The excellence of its surface structure makes it unique on architectural applications. Valencia Autumn Marble, which makes a difference in natural stone conception, is poised to be a leader in its >>>

Valencia Blue Marble

Valencia Blue Marble offers you nature’s accumulation on the mountains. Valencia Blue Marble is in harmony with lots of colors by its unique structure on surface. By its various size and finish options, it discovers your creativity in wall and floor applications. >>>

Valencia Natura Classic

Its excellence of surface and structure is up to highlight itself in all spaces. The harmony of color transitions becomes it a stylish and architectural factor in huge shopping malls, hotel and pool projects. Valencia Natura Classic which is offered by >>>

Valencia Snow Marble

Valencia Snow Marble is a perfect and stylish design tool with its color transitions flavor of autumn leaves on the white ground-color like snow is one the perfect elements of the nature. TTM Marble is proud of offering this fascinating stone provided >>>

TTM Marble ‘Valencia Stones’

Architectural materials are used to dreams come true . Valencia Stone Collection is designed to inspire dreams and to suggest ideas for creating wonderful designs. When you see it, you will belive that the who is the master designer .