Valencia Autumn Marble

Valencia Autumn Marble holds the harmonious color tonnes of autumn. The excellence of its surface structure makes it unique on architectural applications. Valencia Autumn Marble, which makes a difference in natural stone conception, is poised to be a leader in its class in both blocks and cut to size productions. The production quality of TTM Marble, which is supported by high-tech machines, adds value to Valencia Autumn Marble. 

Valencia Autumn Room-1Valencia Autumn Project

Valencia Autumn Room-2Valencia Autumn Project

Valencia Autumn Room-3Valencia Autumn Project

Valencia Autumn Room-4Valencia Autumn Project

Filled Honed and Brushed Chiselled Products

Valencia Autumn Filled Honed 45,7×45,7×1,2cm (18″x18″x1/2″)

Valencia Autumn Brushed Chiselled Pattern Set 1.2cm (1/2″)

Available Sizes
  • 10x10x1cm – 4″x4″x3/8″
  • 15x15x1cm – 6″x6″x3/8″
  • 7.5x15x1cm – 3″x6″x3/8″
  • 30,5×30,5x1cm – 12″x12″x3/8″
  • 40,6×40,6×1,2cm – 16″x16″x3/8″
  • 45,7×45,7×1,2cm – 18″x18″x1/2″
  • 61x61x1,2cm – 24″x24″x1/2″
  • Pattern Set
  • Custom Sizes


Also Available in Following Finishes

Unfilled Honed, Brushed